Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What to do with all that paper

After the Christmas catalog-rush, the mailbox is partly ripped of the side of the house from the shear weight of all the catalogs we received, and the magazine basket is listing precariously. Time for action!

Reduce: I am a long-time believer in Consumer Reports, but I don't actually use the magazine the way it's intended. It just seems that I'm always buying things at some other time than when that thing is reviewed, and I never keep enough back issues to make the buying guide useful. So this year instead of the same old subscription, she bought an online subscription with searchable archives for how to buy any conceivable consumer product!

Reuse: All the health/fitness, fashion, and decorating mags go to my BFF for a second reading.

Recycle: That is 90% Cabela's catalogs BTW. We spent enough money this year that we may be getting the hard cover catalog.

That only took 5 minutes and it cleared some clutter. If I figure out how to cut back on the catalogs I'll be sure to let you know!!


kasiaiscarly said...

Check out http://www.catalogchoice.org/

amy said...

Okay, I have to do the librarian-geek thing. You might also check to see if your library has on-line access to Consumer Reports. I know that in PA, everyone with a library card has access to it.