Monday, November 3, 2008

And then it was Monday

Despite some serious fussing this weekend, we did have a nice time. I did some major tackling which I'll share tomorrow and spent time with my mom and my best friend. Deuce and I enjoyed the sunshine. It was really nice.
So how did last week's master plan work out? Not too bad.
  • cooking all meals (except 1 planned dinner out) - check!
  • finding activities to take Deuce to - check!
  • apply to > 10 jobs (I hope) - applied to 5
  • finding a mom's group - nope
  • one huge tackle and one minor tackle - check! I'll share tomorrow
  • getting into a schedule - eh...

There's room for improvement. So here's this week's plan:

  • cook all meals (ate pizza last night)
  • 2 activities with Deuce (story hour + play date)
  • review 1/2 of the companies on this awesome list I found and sent resumes to the promising ones
  • one big tackle, one small tackle
  • add "get all dishes done" and "do house cleaning" to that schedule

Here goes!

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