Thursday, November 6, 2008

Goin' Back, or, I may have a scrapbooking problem

Not quite sure how to title today's post. Let's begin with the facts.
  1. I will be spending the weekend at my in-laws
  2. My in-laws live 20 miles from the town we just moved away from
  3. I have not seen my friends from upstate since I moved
  4. There is a fabulous scrapbooking store in in-laws' town
  5. I have no job

What do all these things have to do with each other? Well, I'm really excited to see my friends, 2 of whom are pregnant and I'm just dying to hear everything. The thing is, all these friends live another 20 miles minimum from our old house. So that's going to be an hour in the car to see people, give or take. Deuce is just not going to put up with all that driving and being told not to break other people's belonging. So I have to talk to MIL to see if she will babysit before I make any plans. Which will most likely mean everyone will be busy.

Where does that leave me? Well... if I don't have any social plans... I'll have plenty of time for Crop Paper Scissors (no web site sorry)! Which means I will spend money I don't necessarily have on things I don't necessarily need instead of seeing people who have been friends for years. It's a matter of practicality. I mean, MIL certainly will be able to babysit for 30 minutes while I step out, but all day might be pushing it.

Um, so does that mean I'm picking shopping over my friends? Not at all. I just hate to roll into someone's house, dump off my kid and skeedaddle. Likewise I hate to come over to a friend's house, screaming banshee in tow and demand goldfish crackers.

If for whatever reason I end up at Crop Paper Scissors I'm not going to feel guilty. Not for a minute. And I will buy fabulous products. And they'll understand because they're my friends.

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