Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eaten alive by the alphabet

Can I just start off with a big "argh"? I took some pictures to accompany
this post, and my camera just stubbornly says "one moment" when trying to
connect to my PC. That means I can't download any pictures.
Argh! Please do me the favor of imagining photos in your mind. Thank

Deuce's alphabet scrapbook is off to a challenged start. The instructions that came with the cover set suggest doing one page per letter with one photo and journalling. I would envision the final product being titled "The ABCs of Deuce" or similar. I decided to do two pages per letter with lots of things that start with each letter so that we could read the book together now.

I started off just making the "A" page. (It is missing airplane, btw). Fun, kind of time consuming.

I thought I could streamline the process by die-cutting all the letters, making all the page backgrounds, and then adding the embellishments as I found/made them. This went well.

I was thinking to myself that I should have used a lighter background and dark letters to make the letters easier to read. But, I decided it would have to do because I didn't want to scrape all the letters off and risk ruining the pages. Until I remembered I wanted two pages per letter... So off the letters came. I added a white page in between each colored page and mounted the letters on the white page.

This whole process has been 3 naptimes (less laundry and blog-reading time). But the tedious part is done and now on to die cutting animals!

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Marketing Mama said...

Wow - how creative, and very cool! I'm impressed and I bet your little guy will love it! :)