Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The check is in the mail

When I belonged to Weight Watchers, there were always women at meetings saying they wanted to be at their high school weight in time for their reunions. I cheered for them - who wouldn't want to strut into that gynasium/party house looking hot, drawing whispers from the worn out soccer moms and sidelong glances from ex-boyfriends?

Um, me apparently.

My reunion is next Friday and I haven't mailed the check and I most certainly have not gone on a diet. I'm a LOT heavier than I was in high school. I mean, I'm recognizable, but if someone hadn't seen me in 10 years it might be a shock. If they care, and I don't particularly.

I mean, I want to lose weight for some other very good reasons - keep up with Deuce, be healthy, look good naked, you know, the usual. But impressing my old classmates just isn't one of those reasons for me.

Maybe if I was more interested in the reunion I would have had my jaw wired shut and lost a lot of weight so that I could show what a jerk he was for not asking me to the prom, or that she should have invited my to her grad party.


But I didn't ship myself off to fat camp and here's why. My life is great. Not perfect, but great.
High school wasn't the glory days for me - these are. I'm happier now than I ever was. I don't think it will be particularly vindicating to share that with a bunch of people I used to know.

There are two things that make me want to go, though. One is sheer curiousity. What did 10 years do for a bunch of people who shared every day for 13 years of their lives? The other is the acquaintances - those people on the periphery of my circle of friends. I honestly only have 2 friends here right now and it wouldn't hurt to know a few more people.

I have been back and forth on this so much that it's pathetic. Do I really think it will be fun? Should I be spending $72 right now on something I'm not wild about? I'll have Bob with me, and I'm sure he'll get our money out of the open bar, so... I'm off to address an envelope.

This better be good.

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