Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello Goodbye

Hello to my new hobby - knitting! That is a partially finished 8" charity lapghan square in Red Heart Super Saver on a 9" #8 straight bamboo needle. I have lots (LOTS!) of Red Heart that I just cannot throw away. I know this makes real yarn lovers question my sanity, but I can't throw things away. It's a sickness. Someone from my church who runs the knitting group has offered to help me learn, and I offered to make lots of squares for her afghans in return. I think I'm getting better at garter stitch. There are some holes and uneven-ness, but it's getting there.
I also make a ribbed hat for Deuce, but it came out tiny and I can't get him to leave it on long enough to take a picture.
I haven't given up on crochet. I just need a change of scenery after months of single-crochet on the SU blanket. I made myself a Diamond Ridges hat for a challenge. The pattern is modeled after Koolhaas, and it's very cool. (Sorry for the funky pic, too impatient to wait for a photographer)

And goodbye is to our houseguest Abbey. What a sweet little girl...

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Marketing Mama said...

I'm very impressed - the hat and the blanket look awesome! You are so crafty. :)