Monday, February 2, 2009

Strangers. Waitin'. Up and down the boulevard.

My BFF knows all of my vices, and Journey's greatest hits is certainly one. She lent me her CD (I only had the tape and that's long gone) for my listening pleasure. I took the opportunity to sing super loud when I was in the car by myself going to Jazz and back.

Hidin'. Somewhere in the NIGHT!

It ain't pretty.

My quest to learn knitting continues. I started in on Seaside Diagonale, which is labeled Knit - Intermediate. I can see that there are some areas that need improvement, namely the edges. They don't look neat and tidy like knit edges should. To that end, I checked SnB out of the library since Happy Hooker really improved by crochet understanding. I really love Debbie Stoller and as soon as I'm gainfully employed again, I'm going to add SnB to the library.

My quest to crochet continues (as soon as I have jammies on) because I think I only have about 30 rows left on DeuceDad's SU blanket!! I have to seam the pieces together and choose an edge (maybe just sc since it's supposed to be manly), but I'm so happy to be almost done with hundreds of rows of sc!

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kasiaiscarly said...

you are welcome to my copy of SnB - i got it as a gift and don't think i ever used it. i'm not much of a 'learn from pictures in a book' person :)