Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In the midst of scrap room hell

I haven't scrapped in a week, and I just zoned out to the point that I couldn't hear Deuce pulling stuff out of the over-the-door shoe holder I use to store stamps/punches etc. I'm surfing for inspiration, adding blogs to my feed reader and thinking I should update the blog roll on this page.

What woke me from this reverie? A writing style I just had to share. Check out Kelli Crowe's blog. The way she uses line breaks is so great! It's like haiku-blogging. I think she might use line breaks in place of commas. Anyhow, she's not saying anything so different from what I or any other blogger says about their family/hobby/daily life. It just looks different.

Journalling has always been the most difficult part of scrapbooking for me. To that point, I've never been able to keep up a journal, even as an exercise to improve my scrapbooking. This blog is by far the most writing I've done for enjoyment. I like to use photos, layout and embellishments to tell the story as best as possible. Journal prompts and clever titles are my friends.

I think this differently-punctuated writing style might elevate my scrapbook journalling. Instead of trying to dream up flowery words and phrases, I can still tell my stories my way. And just put them on paper differently so that a word on a line jumps out at and tells it's own story.

What a find!

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