Saturday, April 12, 2008

B.D. Before Deuce

There are times when I remember my childless life fondly. I hate to admit that, but it's true. When I was working, it was every Friday after work. Friday night was my favorite night to go to happy hour and then wherever the night took me. Never anywhere wild or crazy, but out to dinner with friends, carefree.

Of course, within 5 minutes of leaving work I was at day care picking him up and once I had him in my arms I forgot all about dinner and drinks and was just as carefree knowing all night we could snuggle and play.

So this evening we went to DeuceDad's archery banquet and saw actual adults on a Saturday night. Crazy, I know. We came home, and I put on pj's and settled in the office with the year 1 scrapbook and Yahoo Radio on the coffee house station since we have no radio reception in our house. And this Ben Harper song came on that made me want to have a beer buzz and dance and chill and, well, do stuff. Slowly. With the music on. Like we used to before Deuce. Check it out - go to Ben Harper's website, click on BHIC Radio - "In The Colors."

Maybe I'm crazy. And I would never trade life with Deuce for the Deuceless life. But there are moments when I really look forward to him sleeping over at Grandma's.

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Marketing Mama said...

I could totally relate to this post! I love my kids, but those rare, child-free moments bring back memories of adult conversations and a time when I didn't know all 30+ engine names from Thomas the Train by heart. :)