Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Naps are for babies, Mom

Deuce refused to nap this morning which isn't a great sign for our day. I can't wait for this freaking tooth to cut though and life to return to normal. He is down now though and if I'm lucky I'll get another 30 minutes out of him.

In the mean time I swept about 3 cubic feet of sand out of the driveway and filed/threw out/recycled about 2 reams of paper I had in various piles. I had convinced myself that these piles were strategic. I was kidding myself.

I am so overwhelmed by the amount of housework that needs doing. The worst part is that we're suspended in time waiting for DeuceDad to hear back about the job. I can't even begin to focus on anything else. I have done some scrapping in an effort to get some "alone" time that doesn't involve shopping (have I mentioned unemployment is cramping my style a little?). But last night I couldn't even move in the office and I'm now back to the point I was at weeks (months?) ago of being overwhelmed and needing to make a list. If I can find my Palm I'll be in business.

I think I need a spring cleaning plan, broken down into chunks that I can handle. If anyone else is in this predicament, let me NOT recommend FlyLady. I "know" (on mom chat boards) lots of SAHMs that love her, but I can't justify the sink shining thing. Even if you substitute some other chore for sink shining I just can do it. I can't live with the hard and fast rule that every item must be spit shined and in its place before I can sleep. I love sleep too much for that.

Balance I must find. And fast. I hear him stirring...

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