Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How Deuce Got His Name

I promised Missy some explanation - here goes.

When we found out Deuce was going to be a boy, we started the name discussion full force. We had already decided the first name - same as DeuceDad - was going to be Robert. The middle name was more tricky because we have conflicting family traditions.

In DeuceDad's family, they give the first son the father's name. So Grandpa, Dad & baby would all have the same first name (more on that later).

In my family, the first son (and daughter) get their parent's first name as the middle name.

BIL pointed out that if we followed both traditions, that would be "Robert Robert."

A little silly, but at least he'd have a good fighting name - Robert "The Deuce" Robert LastName.

His middle name is my dad's name, but the Deuce part stuck.

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bookwoman said...

Deuce is a good thing to stick. A good friend of mine has a little guy who is almost two. Her due date with him was June in 6/6/6. From the moment she told me she was expecting, I called him Damien. I even started referring to her daughter simply as "Damien's sister." I knit him a devil hat. I still call him Damien. I'm the only one allowed to do that.