Friday, April 11, 2008

No tooth today

One more toothless day.
Deuce awaits the cutting of
his first top chomper.


Anonymous said...

Good luck. Bring on the orajel. And, I wish you sleep once it's through.

Marketing Mama said...

Since I've already been through teething once, I have a couple of suggestions.

1) Hylands homeopathic teething tablets. You can get them at Walgreens. Work great!

2) Infant Motrin - if the tablets don't help - go for the good stuff, especially at bedtime so they can get some sleep.

3) Amber teething necklaces. No, they don't eat/chew on the necklaces, they wear them and the healing properties of the amber help cut down on drooling and fussiness. I swear it was like magic! You can find a lot of them on - just search for "amber teething necklace"

Anonymous said...

oh the fun he'll have with teeth!! they open up a whole new gastronomical world! the down side, the whole new what's in the diaper world.

Kathryn said...

Oh that is so difficult. The poor babe. Hang in there!

Joyce said...

Does that mean a miserable day for Mommy?

I agree with Marketing Mama; the Hylands homeopathic teething tablets work well. :)