Thursday, April 17, 2008

Enough to gag a maggot

I'm supa dupa stressed about everything that has to happen in the next few days, so I'm sharing a funny/horrifying anecdote instead of real news.

Last night we ate a celebratory surf & turf dinner w/ Deuce's favorite veg asparagus (he has very refined baby tastes). He ate some little pieces of ribeye and lots of asparagus and fun was had by all.

This morning we're sharing a banana, enjoying ourselves, when the angry red forehead triangle appears. A diaper is being filled. No surprise being that he's a baby. The surprise came when I pulled his pants off, only to be greeted by an enormous blow out of asparagus poop. And now that he won't lay still for diaper changes, he managed to cover himself in it in about 4.6 seconds. We can handle this - knock off the big chunks and then into the tub.

So what's the scarring part? Well, I read somewhere you shouldn't act grossed out every time you change a diaper b/c you can give your kid a complex about their "diaper area" being filthy, which will eventually lead to them becoming a serial killer. I usually do a pretty good job. But this one made me GAG. And hoot. And holler. And gag again. Poor kid's going to end up dismembering me and burying me in the basement some day, and I'll have no one to blame but myself.

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bookwoman said...

I was just getting ready to go eat dinner. Luckily I'm not having asparagus.

And don't worry about it. I'm sure there's 12 million other things you'll do that will also contribute to Deuce's becoming some kind of psychopath...that's your job as the mom. Without you, who would he talk about in therapy?