Friday, April 25, 2008

The Birds

Part of the soffit
came down this winter and birds
have built there nest there

I hate birds. They poop
on my car. On the driveway.
On our clean windows.

We can't sell the house
with these pests in residence.
Birds - not a feature.

I call to rent a
twenty-eight foot extension
ladder for a day.

DeuceDad will risk life
and limb and pecking of eyes
to knock out the nest.

I'm so glad I have
a handy husband because
I also hate heights.

Heights and birds. I am
a chicken. Ha! Chickens are
birds! I crack me up.


Eve said...

You crack me up, too.

bookwoman said...

You crack me up, three. Hopefully no one was scarred by watching Alfred Hitchcock as a child.

Joyce said...

But you are a neat chicken. :)