Thursday, April 3, 2008


1) Link to the person who tagged you.--> Carly!
2) Post the rules.
3) Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself.
4) Tag at least three people.
5) Be sure the people you tagged KNOW you tagged them by commenting what you did.

Here goes:
1. I have an axe in my house with the handle painted white and the inscription "Bulls Eye" that we got as a wedding gift
2. I clip the coupons from the paper every Sunday
3. I put ketchup on DeuceDad's macaroni salad, which is made with mayo and mustard, to make a condiment trifecta
4. I love psychological thrillers (Silence of the Lambs anyone?)
5. I am disgusted by stuff in peoples' ears, and keep mine, Deuce's, Claude's mercilessly clean, and attack DeuceDad with Qtips and fingernails if he slides even a little bit.
6. I allow my son to play with darn near anything he can get his hands on. Right now, a piece of white paper, a bow from a Christmas gift, and the lever on the desk chair. Oops - he's moved on to a 3.5" diskette and a pack of poly-fil seat cushion forms.

Missy, BookWoman, and Kelly! You're it!

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Marketing Mama said...

Interesting! Thanks for thinking of me. I have been super busy, but will tackle this sometime in the next few days! :)