Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things that are not easy

1. Cutting teeth
Deuce still doesn't have his top teeth yet. I miss daycare.

2. Leaving "home"
DeuceDad got the job!!! In the same breath as being happy that we're moving to, oh, say, a county that offers a job other than the one I was let go from, we're also sad to be leaving. And DeuceDad is really sad to be moving 3 hours from his parents. Not that I blame him. I have the best MIL/DIL relationship that a MIL/DIL can have. Even FIL and I have a mutual (dis?)respect for each other that makes his company downright tolerable. And that's nothing compared to DeuceDad's really outstanding relationships with his parents.

His Grandpa Joe always said ("my grandpappy Ole Reliable used to say, uh, say, I don't reckon I ever told you about Ole Reliable..."), anyway, Grandpa Joe used to say that this is a great place to live if you can make a living. Unfortunately, I did not choose a profession condusive to making a living in rural America. And so, we're moving away from our first house, and the IL's home on the river.

3. Doing justice to the ILs when you're so happy!!

I haven't been within 200 miles of my high school best friend in 10 years. We're so excited that our ring tones for each other are Peaches 'N Herb singing "Reunited". I can't wait!!! I'm excited to be near my parents again, but that's a very long post re: relationships w/ parents that I am not up to right now.

4. Scoring a job over the phone

You read that right - I got a job off a phone interview tonight!!!! It's actually doing something I've never done before (web apps in Java), and the owner knows and doesn't care. I'll have a 1 month, 3 month and 6 month review to make sure I'm coming up to speed, which I don't think will be a huge problem b/c he's personally training me for the first week. It happened so fast I can't even believe it!

DeuceFamily doesn't always do things the easy way, but we get it done!


bookwoman said...

There's a little happy dance going on in SE Pennsylvania for you!

And I love the Lady and the Tramp reference (my 2nd all time favortie disney film).

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Marketing Mama said...

Wow -great news all around! Congrats to you and your hubby. :)