Monday, March 24, 2008

Birth Story Carnival!

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Deuce is napping, so I'm going to cut right down to the actual labor and delivery. For background, I wanted a natural delivery. I was also diagnosed with preeclampsia at 30 weeks.

I was holding out fine until the last 2 weeks when I put on 15 lbs of water which indicates failing kidneys. I was hot and uncomfortable so when the OB decided to induce I was all for it, but reiterated the plan of no epidural if possible.

I went in for the cervadil June 6th. I stayed overnight in our country hospital which doesn't allow fathers to sleep over, so I didn't sleep a wink. When the OB came in the morning I was 80% effaced and 2 cm dialated. Good start.

They started pitocin at 7 AM and let me go. DeuceDad, my parents and my inlaws were in and out all day, and by about 1PM I needed a rest. They went to grab lunch. At 2PM it occured to me that I was technically having contractions, but they didn't hurt. I knew somewhere deep down this wasn't working - I was going to end up with a c-section, and I was scared.

Finally the OB came back at about 5PM. I was 3 cm. He upped the pitocin. He checked again at 7PM. I was 3 cm. He went and checked on another laboring mom. He came back at 8PM and broke my water. I said it was pretty painful and I was going to want the epidural, but said not yet b/c I was progressing so slowly already I didn't want to slow down more.

Little did I know within the hour I would be having contractions off the little chart. By 1AM I was too tired to continue on my own and I asked for the epidural. The anesthesiologist came back ANGRY. "why couldn't she just have had it when I was here earlier?" and comments like that. He was so mean to me. I tried my best to curl over and hold still, but I was having 60 second contractions with 30 seconds of rest and hadn't slept in 2 days. He tried to insert the needle twice, but I moved and he was barking at me to sit still and I just couldn't. At that point I was scared he would paralyse me. So he stopped. I was 8 cm, on major pitocin, leaking fluid, changing positions, sweating, trying to survive. My mom and DeuceDad had been switching in and out every 30 minutes all night, but now they were both there. I cried for medicine and got some Demerol. HUGE mistake.

I started falling asleep between contractions and waking up at the height without having prepared myself. It was hell.

Until finally my whole body started shaking, and my mom's eyes lit up and she said "you're in transition!" It was almost over. She ran for the Dr., who told me I was 9cm and just try a little push. It was the greatest sensation I'd ever felt! I bared down and my whole body felt powerful and ready. Except I wasn't. And now I couldn't stop. My cervix started to get inflamed from pushing when I wasn't fully dialated, and once that happens there's no turning back.

I was taken to the OR, put under general anesthesia, and given a c-section.

Deuce was born at 4:36AM June 8th, with a 15 inch head circumference, and the cord around his neck twice.

He was cleaned up and everyone held him while I regained conciousness. I woke up in my room, and the nurse pushed the basinette in. DeuceDad hadn't told anyone the name yet - he let me do it.

I was afraid to hold him - I couldn't move my arms yet. But the nurse and DeuceDad helped me and I held him, and kissed him and smelled his skin. And I knew him.

Honestly this is the first time telling this story that I could say that was the best day of my life. The whole labor and delivery was such a trauma and a disappointment that it cast a shadow. But really I think I'm finally removed from it enough to look at just the part that matters - Deuce is here, healthy and alive and wonderful.

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Jenni said...

What a story! I'm glad you've been able to embrace the experience. But I hope if you have another, that you get to truly experience the exhiliration that comes with pushing!