Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Day of Spring

To my recollection, the first day of spring in the northeast is supposed to look a little something like this...

Suffice it to say that is an image I got from Google, not a photo I took.

But I'm not down. Oh no. DeuceDad is in an HR office for a possible employer right now. He's lookin' good, knows his stuff, is ready to rock. I'm fairly certain that he won't find out anything today (I don't think anyone gets hired "on the spot" except in movies). But he's there selling his wares and I have faith in him.

I earned the smallest known drop of good karma today at Burger King (disgusting, I know - but I needed to get out of the office)

The person behind the counter put a Hershey's sundae pie on my tray, but I didn't pay for one. I briefly considered keeping (and eating) it, but gave it back. It's lame. So lame. But I'm hoping it counts for something.

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Marketing Mama said...

That picture of burgers is totally nasty! ;) Good for you for giving back the sundae - that's great karma!