Friday, March 21, 2008

Haiku Friday

Cool idea - another one stolen from SarcasticMom.

Cool Deuce stuff:

On your hands and knees.
See the ball roll away and
follow it. Deuce crawled!

DeuceDad's interview:

The interview
went well. The suspense will last
until they call again.

First week of April
will come before we know it.
Fresh job and fresh air.


transplanting me said...

yea for crawling!!

sounds like big changes in the wind for you guys. good luck with them.

Scylla said...

Spring certainly is blowing freshness through your family! Lovely Haiku's!

Mine is getting ready to walk, and I am getting ready to run after him!!

Happy Friday!

Kathryn said...

Crawling! Yeah! What out mom! ;)

janet said...

first they crawl... then they toddle ... then they RUN!!!!!!!!!!

good luck with that!!! ;-)

Jenni said...

Crawling is exciting! Of course, now you've got to make sure that every little speck is picked up off the floor!

Happy Haiku Friday!