Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Playing with yarn is always good"

Bookwoman is such a voice of reason in this crazy time.

This month's Ravelry focus is on Charity. So here's me doing my part:

Do you have odds and ends of yarn that you will never use, but are too much to justify tossing out? You can donate them to kids learning to knit!

I heard about this from Bunny Dimmel, who is a school teacher about 80 miles from where I live, and has been on Oprah for her amazing weight loss. Here's her letter to her BunnyDiet group:

Most of you know I am a writing teacher at Clary Middle School. I
recently spotted an ad in a magazine for a yarn company that colored all the
sheep the colors of their yarn, and I sent them an e-mail asking them if they
would send me a copy of that picture to inspire my writers.

Not only did they agree to send me the picture, they asked me if I
wanted to teach children to knit, and they donated a wonderful box of yarn to me
to start doing that. I am an "O" Ambassador for Clary Middle School, and
we are looking for ways to buy goats to feed an African village. I am
going to teach the children to knit. Other teachers are coming on board with
their creative fund-raisers, and we want to make a huge donation to the African
country we adopted.

The yarn the company sent me is
gorgeous. Having taught many children to do all kinds of crafts over the
years, (I owned my own sewing store and taught children to sew) I know
first-hand, what is involved. I would like to save the wonderful, organic
yarn, (do you believe that?) that they sent me for when all of the children are
truly making it across the row, and we can commence knitting washcloths, hats,
scarves, etc.

So here is my favor, do any of you have yarn laying around your house you have no use for anymore? Do you have any
needles you want to donate to us? I am in desperate need of yarn and
needles for them to learn with. This is the only way I can keep with all of them
that keep raising their hands in response to the question when I ask who is
interested. I have over 100 girls, and some boys (a chance for them to
meet girls I bet) that want to learn.

How can you donate? You can mail a box to me at: Mrs. Dimmel's Class, Clary Middle School, 100 Amidon Drive, Syracuse, NY 12305

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