Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

I saw this cool idea for Wordless Wednesday on SarcasticMom's and MarketingMomma's sites. I wanted to try it, but I have lots of stuff to talk about today - hence Wordy Wednesday.

In Deuce news:
He's awesome

In DeuceDad news:
Syracuse won their first NIT game last night - DeuceDad and FIL went to the game, and also bought Deuce a really cute hat. Good times.

In scrapbooking news:
No sign of the Cricut yet. Just as well since I won't be able to use it until next week.

In interview news:
***UPDATE*** Tuesday at 1PM!!

In crochet news:
I'm burning through all the green squares for the 63 crochet stitches afghan. I might actually finish my first crochet project some day!
I'm also doing an amigurumi swap! I don't know if my swap buddy reads this, so I'll post pics when it's received. Should be a quick fun swap.

In work news:
F this F-ing F. F.

In procrastination news:
It's March Madness and bracket time!! I love filling out brackets, as I'm exposed to just enough college basketball to be considered dangerous. Last year I had Texas (hook'em horns!) win it all, and they went out in the first round. The year before that I kicked DeuceDad's butt. So I'm filling out my bracket for our work pool on the ride to work today and narrating my decision process, DeuceDad filling in important decision making info for me. The conversation sounded freakishly like SportsGal's bracket discussion. I'll save time and just say that she and I think a lot alike. OJ Mayo? I love OJ! And Mayo! DWade v. Ashley Judd, hmm let's see, one is funny, the other is DeuceDad's fantasy woman... Marquette it is!

I think that's enough for today, time to justify my existance here in miseryland.

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