Thursday, March 27, 2008

Living the Dream

Because I tend to get a little down (and obsessive, paranoid, etc., DeuceDad could go on for an hour) when things don't go my way, I'm looking on the bright side. And the bright side of being let go from work is that I'm living my dream - I'm a stay at home mom.

While I was pregnant I told people confidently that I wanted to go back to work and that day care would be great. Oh-ho what did I know. It's hard to leave an 8 week old with strangers. Many tears were shed.

We did the math over and over, and we just couldn't make the numbers work.

Enter unemployment.

There's a cap on unemployment, so life isn't going to be quite the same as before. But the house is looking better by the day, I'm eating better and exercising more, and most importantly, I'm here with Deuce, which truly is the greatest joy in my life.

He's talking in his crib - time to get him up!


Marketing Mama said...

I have had the same dream... I agree it's so hard to go back to work. That is a great silver lining to your situation right now!

bookwoman said...

Sorry to read about the job (I've been away and am catching up). Glad there's a positive side to it. Plus, now you have time to make soup! (Is it still a bit chilly up in your area?)

And the Easter pictures of Deuce are just adorable!